NAMM 2017 Spotlight: Brand New Supro Guitars and Amps

We have just had a hands on experience with the brand new range of Supro Guitars and Amplifiers, and we are thoroughly impressed. We tried out the Supro Hampton electric guitar from their brand new Island Series, plugged into a Supro Classic Series Amplifier. We first noticed the high quality of craftsmanship and overall finish, with their classic sound and style coupled with a modern feel, it’s no surprise that the Supro Island and Americana Series were chosen as the Best of NAMM 2017 Winners in the Guitars Category by MusicRadar.

The Supro Island Series guitars are updated, high-performance instruments based on the 1962 version of the Supro Ozark. The timeless curves of their vintage solidbody design have been enhanced with ergonomic set-neck construction, satin-neck finish and comfortable 12” radius with rolled fretboard edges.

All three of the Supro Island Series models come equipped with vintage Gold Foil pickups—accurate replicas of the original Supro “Clear-tone” pickups of the 50s and 60s. These unique, field-coil pickups are low-noise single coils with no pole pieces, an extra-wide magnetic field and a huge, broadband tone. The Island Series guitars are available in single, double and triple pickup configurations with a range of unique metallic colors, as well as black, white or tobacco flame maple. More information on the complete Island Series can be found here.

The History of Supro:

In 2013, Absara Audio purchased the rights to the Supro brand name from infamous Fender amp designer, Bruce Zinky. In collaboration with Zinky, their Pigtronix design team created a line of Supro 1964 reissue tube amplifiers which first debuted at the 2014 NAMM show. The legacy of Supro amplifiers stretches back to the 1930s and reaches its original peak in the mid 60s with the Blue Rhino hide models that inspired the reissues. While guitarists such as Jimi Hendrix, Link Wray, David Bowie and Dan Auerbach used Supro amps and guitars, no musician is more closely associated with the Supro brand than Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin. It is well known that in 1968, Page used a Tele plugged into a customized 1×12 Supro combo amp to record all of the guitar parts on Led Zeppelin’s debut album.

Our first stock of the new Supro Island Series of guitars has just arrived, and we can now take customer special orders for any Supro products. We are looking forward to stocking more and more of the Supro range and we’re excited for our customers to check them out too. Our current range can be found in store and on our online shop here.

Product Spotlight: Brand New Fender Professional Series

Fender have just announced a brand new product line to replace and succeed their hugely popular American Standard Series, it’s called the American Professional Series.

As a proud Fender Dealer, we have just received our first stock of the Professional range. They include both Electric and Bass guitars which can be found in store or on our Online Shop here.

Fender Professional Series Features Include:

NEW PICKUPS – Simply put, pickups are the heart and soul of an electric instrument’s voice. The American Professional series features Fender’s newest pickup offering: V-Mod single-coil pickups. Updated versions of their classic designs, modified for modern performance, V-Mod pickups are packed with authentic Fender tone. V-Mod pickups, and the newly redesigned ShawBucker humbucking pickups are voiced specifically for each position, bringing out the nuances of your playing.

NEW MODELS – Fender are excited to add three new models to the American Professional Series: the Tele Deluxe, Jazzmaster and Jaguar guitars. The left-of-centre Jazzmaster and Jaguar models are particularly prized for their unique style, feel and flexible control schemes.

NEW COLOURS – Three new colours—Sonic Gray, Mystic Seafoam, Antique Olive—are joined by the revival of a true classic, Fender’s instantly recognizable Butterscotch Blonde (available only on Tele models).

NEW GUITAR FEATURES – New modern “Deep C” neck profile, Narrow-tall frets, Treble-bleed circuit, Bone nut, Included Elite Molded hardshell case, Redesigned bridge with modified posts+brass Mustang saddles and screw-in arm (Jazzmaster and Jaguar models), New nickel-silver pickup claw (Jaguar model), Four-way pickup switch/pickup phase switch (Jaguar model), Pop-in tremolo arm (Stratocaster models), New bridge with compensated brass barrel saddles and redesigned bridge cover (Telecaster models)

NEW BASS FEATURES – Narrow-tall frets, Fluted-shaft tuning machines, Bone nut, Posiflex graphite rods, ’63 P Bass neck profile (Precision Bass models), New “Thin C”-shaped neck profile (Jazz Bass models)

You can find the New Fender Professional Series and all our other guitars on Our Online Shop here or on display in store. All our items are available to try in store, so you’re welcome to pop in and try anything that catches your eye.

Product Spotlight: Limited Edition Fender White Opal Range


We now have in stock the brand new Limited Edition Fender White Opal range. These guitars are extremely limited with only one of each available on a first come, first served basis. Limited features include a Special Edition White Opal finish with pearloid pickguard, and matching head cap.

The full range includes a Mexican Standard Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jazzmaster and Jazz Bass. These are renowned for being reliable instruments for the hardworking musician, now with one-off features. They can all be found in store or on our Online Shop here. All our items are available to try in store, so you’re welcome to pop in and try anything that catches your eye, but don’t hang around as once they’re gone, they’re gone!

Product Spotlight: Brand New Marshall CODE Amp Combos

We now have in stock the brand new range of Marshall CODE Amp Combos. After five decades of fine tuning, the Brand New Marshall CODE range combines authentic modelling of classic and contemporary Marshall tones with professional quality FX. CODE preamp, power amp and speaker cabinet models have been developed in collaboration with audio software pioneers Softube to create Marshall-Softube (MST) modelling, highly accurate recreations of classic and contemporary Marshall products and more. We have both the CODE 25 Watt and 50 Watt Combo versions now available in store and on display, so pop in and have a look. You can find full details and payment options on our Online Shop here.

Here’s what Marshall say about their new CODE amp combos: The Marshall CODE has 14 MST preamps, 4 MST power amps and 8 MST speaker cabinets. It has 24 FX including: Compressor, classic stompbox Distortions, Auto Wah, Pitch Shifter, Chorus, Phaser, Flanger and Tremolo. It includes Delays with Tap Tempo, and studio quality Reverbs. CODE’s MST preamps produce some of the most acclaimed and best loved Marshall tones: JTM45 2245, 1962 Bluesbreaker, 1959SLP Plexi, JCM800 2203, JCM2555 Silver Jubilee, JCM2000 DSL100, JVM410H and more. CODE features EL34, 5881, EL84 & 6L6 MST power amp voicings, and MST speaker cabinet models: 1960, 1960V, 1960AX, 1960HW, 1936, 1936V, 1912 & 1974X.

Connect via Bluetooth to control CODE and to stream music from your iOS or Android device using the GatewayTM App. Connect via USB to use CODE as a DAW interface to record, and to stream audio from your computer. Connect your MP3 player via CODE’s dedicated audio input to jam along with your favourite tracks or plug headphones in for a personal CODE experience. Connect CODE’s programmable footcontroller* to assign up to 30 Presets or control panel functions.

You can find the Marshall CODE Amp Combos and all our other amps on Our Online Shop here or on display in store. All our amps are available for demo, so you’re welcome to pop in and try anything that catches your eye.

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Product Spotlight: Brand New Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit


We now have in stock and on display in our drum department, the brand new Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit. The Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit is a five-piece electronic drum kit featuring exclusive Alesis mesh drum heads that delivers the perfect feel and expression. We have the Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit available in store and on display available to try, so pop in and have a look. You can find full details and payment options on our Online Shop here.

Here’s what Alesis say about their new Crimson Mesh Kits: Featuring an 8-inch kick, 12-inch dual-zone snare, two 8-inch dual-zone rack toms and a 10-inch dual-zone floor tom, along with a 12-inch hi-hat with pedal, 12-inch crash with choke and 14-inch three-zone ride. A premium chrome 4-post rack with separate double-braced snare stand keeps everything solidly anchored, no matter how hard you play!

The included Crimson Drum Module features 70 drum kits (50 factory + 20 user) with over 600 sounds and 60 play-along tracks built-in. To further sharpen your skill, there’s a built-in metronome and 1/8-inch input for playing along with your mobile device, so you’ll be ready for the studio or stage. There is also a stereo pair of 1/4-inch outputs, headphone output, and a USB-MIDI output for triggering your favorite virtual instrument plugins.

The Crimson Drum Module also features a USB memory stick input. You can use this input to load your own .WAV samples for the ultimate flexibility. Once the .WAV samples are loaded, you can easily assign these to any zone of any pad on the Crimson Mesh Kit. The sonic possibilities are endless! You can also load in .WAV files of play-along tracks using this input.

You can find the Alesis Crimson Mesh Kit and all our other drum items on Our Online Shop here or on display in store. All our drums are on display in our drum department, so you’re welcome to pop in and try anything that catches your eye.

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Product Spotlight: Brand New Fender Fortis PA Speakers


We now have in stock the brand new range of Fender Fortis PA Speakers. Powered by dual onboard Class ‘D’ amplifiers with an impressive total of 1300 Watts, they are available in two speaker sizes of either 12 or 15 inches and come with full Bluetooth Connectivity. They are now available in store and are also on display, so pop in and have a look. You can find full details and payment options on our Online Shop here

Here’s what Fender say about their new Fortis Speakers: Experience revolutionary Fender sound in an easily portable package that’s ideal for DJs, schools, houses of worship, solo performers, businesses or small-to-medium sized venues with the Fortis’ active two-way powered speaker. Combining the power of streaming technology and versatile design with user-friendly features, the Fender Fortis is 1,300W of audio power packed into a lightweight package.

With a wide variety of I/O connections, the three-channel Fender Fortis can handle almost any source you send to it – even offering high-quality stereo Bluetooth audio for wirelessly streaming music from any Bluetooth source. Channel One is dedicated to line-level signals while Channel Two accepts line- and mic-level signals. Channels One and Two are fed by discrete balanced XLR-1/4” TRS combo connectors while Channel Three offers stereo Bluetooth and 3.5mm auxiliary inputs. The Bluetooth signal can be passed on in stereo to additional enclosures via the extension and loop outputs. Proportionally powered by dual onboard Class ‘D’ amplifiers, the 1.75” titanium horn-loaded driver receives 300 watts of power while the sub woofer is allocated an impressive 1000 watts. These drivers work in tandem to create crystal-clear room-filling sound with 40°x90° and 50°x90° dispersion patterns. The easy-to-use rear panel controls include a three-position EQ switch and four-position LF switch to tailor the response of the speaker to the room along with per-channel volume and signal controls. Two rear-panel XLR connectors offer switchable mono/stereo balanced loop-through and extension outputs, allowing for easy system expansion.

The highly robust and reliable enclosure is constructed from 9-ply voidless plywood with a hard-wearing paint and powder-coated perforated steel grill to shrug off the abuse of the road. M10 rigging points and a 35mm pole socket with vertical and 7.5° downward angles make it easy to optimally position the speaker while the trapezoidal form factor allow you to use it as a floor monitor with two angles to ensure proper aiming. Three flush-mounted ergonomic cup handles grace the exterior for easy handling of the lightweight enclosure. The Fortis is a bold new entry from Fender, offering amazing performance and value for almost any small-to-mid-sized application.

You can find the Fender Fortis PA Speakers and all of our other PA speakers on Our Online Shop here or on display in store. All our items are available for demo, so you’re welcome to pop in and try anything that catches your eye.

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Product Spotlight: New Electro-Harmonix Effects Pedals


You can find all of our latest Electro-Harmonix items and other effects pedals on Our Online Shop here or on display in store. All our effects pedals are available for demo, so you’re welcome to pop in and try anything that catches your eye.

Electro-Harmonix are one of our most popular brands of effects pedals at Modern Music. Electro-Harmonix have a huge range of pedals, and we try to keep the most popular pedals in stock. If there’s a particular pedal that you’d like to purchase but can’t see on our Online Shop, just let us know and we can pop it on our next order soon.