Selmer Truvoice Treble-and-Bass 50 valve head - 1960's


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This is a lovely old Selmer Truvoice Treble-and-Bass 50 valve head from the early 60’s. It’s in great condition for its age, not like the usual rubbish you see on eBay and so on. It is in full working order (and sounds fantastic) after having a full service from my old mate at Rat Electronics in Newquay. It is all original apart from the back panel which was replaced with a new one. All the pre amp valves are original Mullards except for one. It even has it’s original cover.

Spec as follows: The Treble n Bass 50 would appear to be physically identical to the Bassmaster 50 apart from the model designation on the front panel, and very similar inside with the same valve lineup of ECC83 (initially 4 – but 3 in later models), EL34 (2) & GZ34 (1). Both appear to be multi-purpose amplifiers suitable for bass and/or guitar. The Bassmaster was the earlier of the two models (introduced during the Blue/Grey Period). The T’n’B was introduced in 1964 and both were produced in tandem for a short time until the Bassmaster was dropped from the range in favour of the Treble n Bass, which became one of the most popular Selmer models judging by the numbers still to be found today.

These models (when you can find them) are selling for £1350 Our Price only £999.