Original 1961 Gibson Hummingbird Acoustic w/case


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We have sold a few 1960’s Gibson Hummingbirds over the years, but I think this one has to be my favorite. It is a 1961 model in nice condition, all original. It plays with a super low action and sounds superb. Complete with the iconic Gibson brown case. Does it get any better. I obtained this guitar from a dealer friend of mind and this is what he had to say about it:

Now, there are Hummingbirds and there are Hummingbirds………………..this is the later. 2nd year of production which means meaty neck, gorgeous dark cherry burst finish and the sound we all wished the rest had. In amazingly all original condition with some minor playwear and a repaired crack behind the nut that was just that. No break or damage and repaired in a way that you wouldn’t know if you weren’t told. The rarity of this year stands without question and the desirability is first rate among all hummingbirds and doves. The voice is big with a substantial bottom end, good balance and very easy playability, not to mention the original California Gal brown case that comes with it. So it’s the full monty…………..couldn’t ask for more from this venerable and much loved model.

Price £6,800