Marshall AS50D Acoustic Combo


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This is a combo we try to make sure we always have in stock. It’s simply the best selling combo we have ever had. It is marketed by Marshall as a 50 watt Acoustic Combo, but it is much more than that. It’s first purpose is an acoustic amplifier, which it does with ease. All acoustic guitars with decent transducer pick ups sound absolutely wonderful, the sort of sound you only used to get in a high class recording studio. It also has an XLR input for a microphone. Vocals sound superb. It is tough enough (unlike most acoustic combos) for a keyboard and will take an electric drum kit if needed. Add an inexpensive (around £20) Bluetooth receiver and it will stream all your music wirelessly from tablet or phone. It’s a great all in one rehearsal unit, does everything.

For the price it is unbeatable.

Spec as follows:

Output Wattage: 50W
Outputs: DI out, line out, effects loop
Inputs: 2x instrument jacks, 1x Phono (Aux) In and 1x XLR, Footswitch
Controls: Acoustic channel 1 (volume, bass, treble), microphone/aux channel 2 (volume, bass, treble), chorus channel selection, chorus effect speed, chorus effect depth, reverb balance, reverb level, anti-feedback frequency sweep, volume
Effects: Reverb, chorus
Effects Loop: Yes, Send/Return
Speaker Configuration: 2×8″ plus tweeter
Speaker Model: Custom speakers (8Ω)
Unit Impedance: 4Ω