Original 1957 Fender Precision Bass – Now Sold

This is the Holy Grail of bass guitars, a very rare and collectable 1957 Fender Precision bass. It was in June of 1957 that the Precision bass changed to the style and shape that we all now know and love. Before this it had been, what is commonly referred to as the Telecaster style bass. It was finished in two-tone sunburst until 1958, when the three tone sunburst was introduced. One of the reasons then, that this bass is so rare and sought after is the fact it was only made for these six months in 1957, and a further six months after that in two-tone sunburst. This bass is all original, it is serial number -20228, with original beat up tweed case, all original parts, finish, the works. Great neck with finish and frets in excellent condition (obviously strung all its life with flat wounds), body has typical belt buckle wear on back, wear on pickguard and edges, but it’s worn just right. No cover plates. This is an archetypal ’57, here are some stats, very little wear on back of neck, which is a rounded V, not a bat, not a V. Standard P Bass ‘C’ width. Finish on the back is 95%, with a few minor scrapes, as you can see, but not worn through from playing. It is the original finish and VERY smooth playing. Neck date is 9-57. Body dated under pick up 9-57. Weight is 8 pounds 12 ounces, a couple of ounces under average, about 9 pounds even is where they usually come in. Solder joints and cap are original, pots are coded 304732. Pickup reads 11,560 ohms. Tuners are fine, 95% plating, still shiny, a little normal slop on the G, about 1/16 turn, on the D, 1/32 turn, on the A, 1/64 turn, on the E, none. General finish is pretty good, honest wear, but scratches and wear all over, mild checking. Neck pocket is initialed in script ‘D’ and ‘dg’, under the finish. Good truss rod action, 1/8th of an inch recessed. Very slight back bow unstrung, just like you want to see. Works like it should, and the neck is dead straight with no bow at the body joint. There are NO setup issues, this one is in perfect playing condition, feels good, sounds good, sustains forever. I would say this is the best Precision I have ever played. It will be supplied with its aforementioned beat up original case, and as a bonus, a brand new Fender reissue tweed case which is a new replica of the old one. Also included is a Fender bass book which actually mentions this very bass. This is a bass players dream and is a superb investment which will only rise in value. (Food for thought!!, if you spent this amount on a second hand car, how much would that be worth in ten years time???).

  • BODY: Alder.
  • NECK: Maple.
  • F/BOARD: Maple.

Our Special Price Only £7500.00 – This Item Has Now Been Sold.