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Advice: Acoustic Guitars

Aaron November 3, 2014 Tech Tips

The same advice which applies to an Electric and Bass Guitar (See Electric or Bass Guitar Advice) also applies to an Acoustic Guitar, but with much more emphasis on set up and playability. Acoustic guitars tend to have wider or fatter necks, if the strings are too high and the guitar is badly set up then it will be near impossible to play.

Acoustic Guitars do not have as many adjustment features as electric guitars for example they have fixed bridges making them harder and more time consuming to work on. Their Plastic or bone composite saddles have to be filed by hand to adjust the action. This means the setup cost will increase unless the shop will carry out any adjustments for free like Modern Music’s twelve-month warranty period. A Different gauge of strings may mean the neck would have to be readjusted due to the added or decreased tension on the neck. We advise all Guitar actions are thoroughly inspected before purchase.

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